Why can hollow capsules effectively mask the uncomfortable taste and smell of the contents?

Update:18 May 2021

Gelatin hollow capsules are hollow capsules made of gelatin and auxiliary materials. The shape of the capsule is slender and easy to swallow. It is the most popular dosage form for consumers; in addition, hollow capsules can effectively mask the uncomfortable taste of the contents. And the smell, really realized that the good medicine is no longer bitter. But is it okay to take gelatin hollow capsules for a long time? For this question, I will answer this question for you. I can tell you for sure, no matter what kind of medicine, if you take it for a long time, it may develop resistance or dependence Sexual. According to each patient's own situation, it is recommended that the patient first go to the hospital for consultation with the doctor. Whether gelatin hollow capsules can be taken for a long time depends on the doctor's diagnosis.



In addition, you should not stop the drug yourself during the eating process, because stopping the drug by yourself is likely to cause a rebound. To prevent the rebound reaction, you must do it: When you stop or change the long-term medication, you should take a gradual reduction. The amount of method. When the drug needs to be changed, a slow stop method can be adopted. The new drug is added to the original drug first, and the original drug is gradually reduced until it is stopped. The original drug should still be available during drug withdrawal. Once rebound occurs, it can be used again. Under normal circumstances, the rebound symptoms will disappear by themselves. Shaoxing Zhongya Capsule Co., Ltd. produces gelatin hollow capsules on a large scale and sophisticated equipment. Gelatin hollow capsules are capsule shells with specific colors and shapes made with gelatin as the main raw material. It is often used for special packaging of medicines or health products that have bad smell, are sensitive to light, and are unstable when exposed to heat and humidity.

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